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Traversable Interiors

The Interior of every ship and every station is traversable. Position of each component matters.

Ships are simulated with a deep physical simulation that considers the internal structural integrity, mass distribution, fluid simulations for internal atmosphere, heat and cooling, power distribution, and the behavior of every crew member in real-time.

Absolute Customization

From the smallest Frigates to the largest Dreadnoughts every tile of every ship can be fully customized. A massive selection of modules of different technological levels is at your disposal.

Reactors, turret mounts, missile launchers, missile factories, beam emitters, and beam controllers letting you mix your own beam effects. The placement of every module matters as both exterior and interior are simulated in real-time.


What's Next?

Currently, we are working on an extensive resource system and mining. Our goal is to give value to every ship you build.

We are introducing many more crew members you will be able to recruit. Mastery system is being reworked and progression will now be tied to your avatar's experience.

The game will be expanded by the selection of new hulls, turrets, and modules as well as new End game activities.